Things You May Want for Your Fundraiser:

  • CHF information found here.
  • Change My Heart Flyers (samples can be downloaded here and here)
  • CHD Heart Hero Story – A picture and bio of a child who has a CHD that you can place on your collection container or post in your classroom, church bulletin board, office, staff kitchen, etc.
  • CHD information and facts found here.
  • CHF wristbands and Pens (request from CHF Michigan)
  • Printable wrappers for collection containers – click here for downloadable container wrap options.
  • Printable small donation box – download and print here! We suggest you print the donation box onto card stock paper.

What to do now:

  • Place flyers around the school, classroom, church, grocery story, or office to bring awareness to the fundraiser and The Children’s Heart Foundation
  • Create a collection container – Use a milk jug, peanut butter jar, water bottle, snack container,  etc. Decorate these with CHF fact sheet and a kid’s photo and story, then set them around your classroom or school.
  • Once the week is up, collect the container(s) and see how much money you raised!
  • Count the money and mail CHF a check for the amount of money you raised or enter it online at

Fundraising Ideas:

Change My Heart is designed to be as easy or complex as you want to make it. You can keep it simple by merely placing a collection container out and watching it fill up. You can also choose to make Change My Heart more interactive. Here are some ideas for activities you can do during the week:

At a church, office, or grocery store, you can sell CHF paper hearts for $1, $2, $5, or simply asking for donations. Then hang the hearts around to show the support.

For Elementary Schools (Or kids 5-12)

  • Decorate your classroom with hearts/red for CHD awareness (perfect for Valentine’s Day too!)
  • Decorate paper hearts/Valentine’s Day cards and sell them to family members, friends, neighbors, etc.  Then bring the money to school to put in your classroom’s collection container.  You can also use these CHF paper hearts made just for Change My Heart events.
  • Host a bake sale with Valentine’s Day sweets
  • Have a competition against another classroom to see which one can raise the most money
    • Whoever wins gets a pizza party, gets a special activity in class, or highlighted during morning announcements
  • Kids can give their parents CHF wristbands to sell at work for $1 donation
  • Gym Class contests
    • Have a sit-up, pull up, push up, and/or jumping jack challenge- each student gets pledges to see how many they can do in a certain amount of time
  • Have students guess how much change is in the collection container – or guess how much money you have collected throughout the week
    • Winner receives a prize
  • Have students count up all of the change during math class once the fundraiser is over (good activity for the following Monday)
  • Have students sell CHF bags to parents and neighbors for $3-5 donation

For High Schools (Or kids 13-18)

  • Set up a table during lunch periods and have people donate their loose change
  • Put a collection box in a room where a lot of people are in throughout the day and let it fill up throughout the week
    • Cafeteria, library, study hall, etc.
  • Have a “Red Out” Basketball game (Fri, Feb. 14th- Valentine’s Day!): everyone dresses in red to support CHF – walk around and collect change at the game!
    • Here is an example of a high school that did a “red out” football game for CHD awareness!
      • They created t-shirts for the game to sell to staff and students. They collected other donations as well and raised over $4,000 for CHF!
  • Have a competition against another class to see which one can raise the most money
    • Prizes for winning class- Pizza party or get a favorite teacher willing to have a pie in the face at an assembly by class
  • Sell CHF wristbands for $1 donation
  • Sell CHF reusable bag for $3- $5 donation
  • Use your talents and make something to sell as a fundraiser
    • Bake sale, jewelry sale, Valentine’s Day candy sale, school spirit wear sale, etc
  • Sell Valentine’s Day cards for $1 that students can send to other students
  • Create your own T-shirt design for Change My Heart – include your school’s name and mascot and represent CHF! – A great site to use to design and sell your t-shirts is Booster, by CustomInk:

Online Donations

Donations for Change My Heart are also accepted online at



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